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Model Price per hour Minimum order Delivery&pick-up Specification
Piterbilt 348 (18 Cubic Yard Capacity) $80/h (with operator) 5 Hours $80 + $1/ml

Please note: pricing includes both equipment and operator.

Vine Disposal is already your trusted source for dumpster rentals, so why not trust us to deliver you the perfect temporary on-highway dump truck rentals as well. Within the fleet we offer, you’ll find a selection of low-hour dump trucks for rent that set a new standard for durability, reliability and performance in the rental world.

Rent Dump Truck with Operator

We also carry double axel dump trucks with an 18 cubic yard bed that’s perfect for transporting and hauling heavy loads with greater speed and efficiency than your average dump truck. Whether you work in material handling, waste removal, general construction, or any other type of industrial job, you’re sure to find the models you’re looking for configured particularly for your project’s specifications.

Advantages of Renting a Dump Truck

Businesses and industries across the region utilize on-highway dump trucks in a broad range of applications and environments. Whether you work in demolition and construction, mining and aggregates, or paving and road maintenance, renting a dump truck provides the productivity you’re looking for without having to purchase equipment.

Dump truck rentals that come with an operator makes good sense for any businesses that is:

Operating on a temporarily limited spending budget

Experiencing a spike in demand or busy season

Replacing a dump truck undergoing repairs

With frequently changing projects and applications

Interested in trying a model before buying it

Rent a Dump Truck Today

Vine Disposal makes it easy to find the dump truck rentals you’re searching for. We offer flexible scheduling that allows for either short- or long-term rentals. On top of that, we have a top-notch customer service and support system that’s dedicated to your total satisfaction.

If this sounds like a service that you’d be interested in, give us a call or contact us online for more information. Our knowledgeable representatives are available to answer all your questions and provide a quick, competitive quote.

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