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40 Yard Dumpster from 500

The Largest of Projects.
Size: 22 feet x 8 feet x 8 feet

40 Yard Dumpster

Price includes: 8000 lbs,
10 day rental

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Weight limit: 20000 lbs


Determine the Size of the Container You Need

When establishing the size of the dumpster you will be using, you have to think about its dimensions, as well as its weight and volume. Debris such as rocks, concrete and dirt normally take up less space, but they are too heavy to fill a regular container. If you can’t be sure exactly of the size you need, tell the container company about your project and they may be able to give you some good advice on the matter.

Dumpster Rental & Delivery Services

Also, remember that, in many cases, containers of similar volumes will come in different sizes, so plan accordingly. The height of the container should still be accessible enough to allow you to lift heavy weights easily over the side.

Schedule Your Delivery

When determining when you want your new dumpster to be delivered, always keep in mind that the delivery alone may take up to 48 hours, so you will have to be precise about the exact period. If the space isn’t cleared by then and you still have work to do, you may have to extend the renting period to fit your needs. Also, if you’re pressed for time, you should calculate the time of arrival to be as soon as possible, preferably right after the renovation work is done.

Talk to the Authorities

Before starting to fill the dumpster with various waste materials, it is very important to call the authorities and find out exactly what you can and can’t place in it. Trash removal rules generally differ for each city, and the local authorities may fine you if you place unacceptable materials to be delivered to the landfill, such as hazardous chemicals or highly flammable items.

Follow Safety Procedures

The first safety precaution you should take before your container even arrives is to find a space on your yard where it can be placed without interfering with driveways, overhead wiring or septic tanks. Also, you will need to make sure that the path to the road is clear, so the disposal process can go as smoothly as possible, and that all the necessary safety precaution are taken to avoid injuries, especially when disposing of large chunks of concrete.

If you follow all these tips, you can easily dispose of your excess debris even after a larger renovation process and ensure that everything goes well. While these services are not always cheap, they are considered by many to be the least expensive household trash removal methods that can be used in such cases.

Still have questions?

What size dumpsters does Vine Disposal carry and what are the prices?

10 yards, 15 yards, 20 yards, 30 yards and 40 yards

The 10 yards are priced at $195.00

The 15 yards are priced at $225.00

The 20 yards are priced at $265.00

The 30 yards are priced at $330.00

The 40 yards are priced at $395.00

Does Vine Disposal dumpsters have a weight limit?

10 yard has a 20000 lbs weight limit (price covers 1000 lbs),
15 yard has a 20000 lbs weight limit (price covers 3000 lbs),
20 yard has a 20000 lbs weight limit (price covers 4000 lbs),
30 yard has a 20000 lbs weight limit (price covers 6000 lbs),
40 yard has a 20000 lbs weight limit (price covers 8000 lbs).

How much notice do I need to place an order for a dumpster delivery?

At least a 24 hour notice!

What time of payment method does Vine Disposal accept?

We only accept Credit Card payments.

If the dumpster is more than the covered weight limit is there a fee?

Yes there is a $35.00 fee for every 1000 lbs that exceeds the covered amount.

How long is the dumpster rental for?

There is no time limit, Vine Disposal only covers 10 days. If you need additional time it is $15.00 per day.

What type of materials can I put in a Vine Disposal dumpster?

Anything that is not hazardous to the environment.

What is the pricing on a dumpster for clean concrete?

Flat rate of $365.00.

What are does Vine Disposal service?

Metro Atlanta Area. Service Area On The Map.

Do you need to call Vine Disposal when the dumpster is ready for final pick up?

Yes, Vine Disposal needs at least a 48 hours notice prior to final pick up.

Are mattresses allowed in Vine Disposal dumpsters?

Yes, Vine Disposal charges $25 per mattress.

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