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How To Calculate in Cubic Yards

Learning how to calculate demolition debris doesn’t take long at all. It’s a simple mathematical equation to keep jotted down for future reference. Every demolition company should know this equation: length (feet) x width (feet) x height (feet) x 1/3 ÷ 27. This equation teaches how to calculate cubic yards of debris, so you know how many dumpsters to rent.

Why Is Calculating Cubic Yards Important?

When you calculate in cubic yards, you’re able to determine how many dumpsters to rent compared to how much debris is produced. Say you want to rent a 30-yard dumpster. By doing the equation, you determine that you produce between 3.5 to 5 tons of debris. The result indicates you need to rent a 30-yard dumpster to accommodate for your debris collection.

What Projects Should Use the Cubic Yard Equation?

We think the equation benefits everyone with large hauls of waste. But it benefits others like contractors working on drywall, a roofer replacing roofing shingles, or a construction company working on concrete or demolishing a building.

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