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15 Yard Dumpster
15 Yard Dumpster Rental

15 cubic yard Dumpster Rentals Service Benefits:

  • We help determine the roll off dumpster sizes and provide it to you at an affordable price.
  • We work side by side with local contractors and we organize the delivery, pick up, and disposal of your trash.
  • We send you in the right direction to find all the regulations and licenses required by your local government and we make sure you stay well within the law during every phase of your trash removal process.
  • We offer individual options for either residential or commercial needs including construction dumpsters.
  • We offer national reach which means we can help you rent a dumpster anywhere in the United States.
  • We screen providers for reliability and accountability and assure that you receive the best service for your investment.

Whether you are choosing a Roll off Dumpster for bulk trash removal, spring cleaning, moving in or out, construction debris, remodeling projects, yard waste, or just to get rid of a lot of trash that suddenly fell in your lap, we have every tool necessary to accommodate your needs.

Here at Roll off Dumpster Rentals we set the standard for dumpster renting. Our foundation is made up of our commitment to customer satisfaction, and we strongly believe that superior customer service is the key to success in business. Ask around, we have been in the trash dumpster rental business for a long time and we will get you the very best dumpster service in your area- it’s our guarantee!

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What size dumpsters does Vine Disposal carry and what are the prices?

10 yards, 15 yards, 20 yards, 30 yards and 40 yards

The 10 yards are priced at $195.00

The 15 yards are priced at $225.00

The 20 yards are priced at $265.00

The 30 yards are priced at $330.00

The 40 yards are priced at $395.00

Does Vine Disposal dumpsters have a weight limit?

10 yard has a 20000 lbs weight limit (price covers 1000 lbs),
15 yard has a 20000 lbs weight limit (price covers 3000 lbs),
20 yard has a 20000 lbs weight limit (price covers 4000 lbs),
30 yard has a 20000 lbs weight limit (price covers 6000 lbs),
40 yard has a 20000 lbs weight limit (price covers 8000 lbs).

How much notice do I need to place an order for a dumpster delivery?

At least a 24 hour notice!

What time of payment method does Vine Disposal accept?

We only accept Credit Card payments.

If the dumpster is more than the covered weight limit is there a fee?

Yes there is a $35.00 fee for every 1000 lbs that exceeds the covered amount.

How long is the dumpster rental for?

There is no time limit, Vine Disposal only covers 10 days. If you need additional time it is $15.00 per day.

What type of materials can I put in a Vine Disposal dumpster?

Anything that is not hazardous to the environment.

What is the pricing on a dumpster for clean concrete?

Flat rate of $365.00.

What are does vine disposal service?

Metro Atlanta Area. Service Area On The Map.

Do you need to call Vine disposal when the dumpster is ready for final pick up?

Yes, Vine Disposal needs at least a 48 hours notice prior to final pick up.

Are mattresses allowed in Vine disposal dumpsters?

Yes, Vine Disposal charges $25 per mattress.

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