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Roll-Off Dumpster for Concrete
Roll-Off Dumpster for Concrete Rental

For anyone working with concrete, they know that concrete’s too heavy to move on their own, so instead of hiring a junkyard service to remove it for them, they hire a dumpster rental company. You could be one of many that choose to rent a roll-off dumpster specifically for concrete removal.

Why Should You Rent a Dumpster for Concrete?

Concrete’s an extremely heavy material that’s difficult to remove. Some places may not accept it, and if they do, they may charge more. Instead of hauling cement in a pickup on your own, hire Vine Disposal.

Vine Disposal has the right equipment to pick up and drop off your dumpster whenever you need it. We know the best places to take your used concrete so that you don’t end up paying more out of your pocket for its disposal.

You should get a dumpster for easier concrete disposal because it’s straightforward. We include the pickup cost in your total waste bin rental cost. As a result, you won’t face any unexpected expenses. A bin also works better than the back of your pickup truck because it can handle its load better with a lower risk of things falling out.

Can You Toss Any Type of Concrete Into a Dumpster?

While it’s fine to toss concrete into a concrete disposal dumpster, you should know that not every concrete type is acceptable. There are two primary types of concrete: clean and mixed. Mixed concrete often has different debris mixed into its contents.

So is mixed concrete permissible? Yes, you can put it in the dumpster, but you can’t place it in the same bin as clean concrete. The main reason is that clean concrete has no traces of paint, chemicals, or other types of debris. Facilities can therefore recycle it. So you need two separate dumpsters for both types of concrete.

When you’ve separated the concrete, one bin will go to a mixed mineral landfill, and the other will go to a concrete recycling plant. If you have mixed concrete, reach out! We want to ensure your waste goes to its proper disposal area.

Why Choose Vine Disposal for Dumpster Rental?

By ordering a concrete dumpster rental through Vine Disposal, you can guarantee you get a speedy and highly communicative team who wants to ensure you get the right dumpster for your needs. We promise to make sure you have all you require for your location. So secure a day and time for pickup and drop-off, and feel free to ask any questions you may have.

You can contact Vine Disposal at any time via email at or phone at (678) 315-2193. We’re excited to provide you with the best roll-off dumpster for concrete.

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