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When Do You Need a Dumpster Permit and How To Get One

Are you looking for a dumpster? If so, you’ve stumbled across the right place. However, as you begin to research dumpster rentals in your area, you may not know about specific permits you need before you can get a dumpster. So let’s dive deeper because we know you’re wondering when do you need a dumpster permit and how to get one.

When the Dumpster Permit Is Required

You likely need a dumpster permit if you plan on placing it in public city streets, sidewalks or alleyways, or any city-owned property, such as parking lots. It’s simple to obtain one, and many licensed and reputable dumpster rental companies can get one on your behalf if it’s required.

However, many cities don’t require one if the dumpster is on private property or doesn’t block any public right of way. Here’s a quick list of areas that won’t require permits for a dumpster rental.

The general rules might not be the only thing you need to worry about, depending on your area. Another thing to look for when you need to get a permit is certain circumstances can grant you a permit to use for your dumpster. When learning about getting a dumpster permit, go to the local government office that distributes permits to get an idea of specific laws that prevent you from obtaining a dumpster permit.

As a side note, if you want to avoid any outstanding fines from the HOA, contact someone from HOA to know what penalties are and how you can prevent them. Also, here’s more on when do you need a dumpster permit and how to get one.

What Happens if You Don’t Get a Dumpster Permit?

Anytime you don’t get a permit for anything, you face harsh penalties and might even be charged for trespassing depending on the property. So, when it comes to getting a permit, it’s better to have one than to wonder what the consequences are down the road.

It’s not easy to hide a dumpster; evidently, city officials can catch on if a concerned neighbor contacts the authorities about a suspicious dumpster hiding in their backyard. Without showing a permit, you can even face jail time.

How To Get a Dumpster Permit

Luckily, permit applications come short and sweet and take less than 20 minutes to finish. So for dumpster rental companies like Vine Disposal, we can provide more insight on the dumpster permit rules for your area in Atlanta.

The process varies from place to place, but it’s fast and easy. Here’s a further breakdown of the steps to take when obtaining a dumpster permit.

Shop Around in Your Area

Depending on the scale of your project, you most likely need to talk to different companies around you to get rental quotes and what their process is regarding obtaining a dumpster permit. When researching, list your top five dumpster rental services, give Vine Disposal a call to request a quote, and then compare us to the rest.

After we’ve explained our process and answered our most valued customer’s (MVC) questions, we can plan to get the permit.

Request the Permit

As disclosed above, by contacting us and comparing it to your other four choices, we can provide you with a quote and more information on getting the permit. This step requires you to request a license if required in your area or if a company can get one for you.

Contacting the Right Departments

As you get ready to make the call, ensure you know the correct department to contact and how to contact them. For some local departments, the best option is to call, and for others, sending an email helps more. If you don’t know what departments handle permits, go to city hall and ask who issues permits for dumpsters and the process to obtain one.

Fill Out the Application

Now that you have an application, it’s time to fill it out and turn it in ASAP. Before filling it out, ensure that the office can accept paper or electronic. If the application is electronic, you can quickly fill it out at home. Those who take paper might have a fax number. So, go home, fill it out, and fax it to the town hall.

Once everything’s submitted, wait a few days before contacting the department about your status. The application processing can take a while.

Once You’re Approved

Now that you’re approved, ensure that you follow all city rules so you can avoid penalty fees. There are some rules to follow when setting up your dumpster. Place bright-colored objects such as traffic cones around the dumpster to help make the area visible, especially at night. Also, you can use reflective tape on either side of the dumpster.

Will I Need a Permit for a Trailer Dumpster?

A trailer dumpster helps clean junk, debris, and even waste from a DIY project. However, when it comes to finding out if you need a permit for a trailer dumpster, it depends on many things. In some cases, the rules for a trailer dumpster are a bit more lax than traditional rules. However, it all varies on where you live. For more information, reach out to us, and we can talk further about what you need to get a permit for a trailer dumpster.

Choosing a Good Reputable Dumpster Company

As you work through your list of choices, it’s essential to select a dumpster rental service that meets the needs of your project. As you prepare to get a dumpster permit, Vine Disposal can provide top-notch services for local dumpster rentals in Atlanta.

Vine Disposal provides the best services when you need a dumpster for a renovation project or help sort through junk. Our favorite part of the day is ensuring a customer’s needs are met when needing the right dumpster type when sorting through waste. Contact us for more ways to clean up and more information on acquiring the correct permit. We’re more than happy to help you out with all of your dumpster needs.

When Do You Need a Dumpster Permit and How To Get One