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What Size Dumpster Do You Need for Your Wedding?

The wedding trend this year is outdoor weddings. Even if only your reception is outside, you need something that can house all the garbage. As you decide on the best location for your wedding, not every venue will have a garbage removal service in their packages, meaning you'll need to collect your garbage. While some settings won't provide garbage collecting services, they will allow you to bring a rental dumpster onto the property. Here's how to find the size you need for your wedding.

Determine How Many Guests Are Attending

You don't want to randomly choose a dumpster size without knowing how much space you’ll need. One way to determine the perfect size dumpster to rent is to base it on the number of guests attending your wedding.

Take a step back and think about this—you have a guest list of 75 people. Since that's less than 150, your best choice is a 10-yard dumpster. Now, let's think bigger: you have a list of 175 to 200 guests; the 10-yard dumpsters are too small. So, choose a 20 cubic yard dumpster because it can handle more trash.

Take Stock of Your Decorations

Decorations aren't just the table-toppers or sashes wrapped around your arch; it consists of personalized goody bags for guests, pictures, and more. Consider every decoration when renting a dumpster, and as this has nothing to do with guest size, it's solely focused on physical items. A larger dumpster will hold balloons, temporary dance floors, tablecloths, and more.

Create a List

Knowing what size dumpster to work with at your wedding is essential to avoid littering. By listing all the items you bring to the event in a binder or on your phone, you have a record of everything you will toss, hold on to, or donate. Keeping a record of everything accumulated can help you decide the best dumpster size.

Overall, it's better to rent bigger sizes to leave wiggle room in case you have more guests or decorations than planned. If you need to find out more about what's included in your wedding package at your venue, contact the event manager or wedding planner—they can help identify any items you might have overlooked.

Planning a wedding is difficult, especially if you aren't sure how much of your budget you want to dedicate to dumpster rental. At Vine Disposal, not only do we love being a part of our customer's special day, but we enjoy keeping it clean. Call us to help make your day better and the wedding planning easier; we're happy to find the best dumpster to use at your event.