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Waste Management Tips for Multi-Unit Residential Buildings

Large residential complexes come with their challenges, and trash is one of them. People can generate a lot of garbage on these properties. Managing a high volume and wide variety of waste produced by multi-family apartments isn’t always straightforward, and implementing a solution doesn’t happen overnight. But there is a process you can use to help these properties reach their potential. Check out these waste management tips for multi-unit residential buildings.

Build a Trash Room

Make taking out the trash an easier experience for everyone in the building. Residents who carry their trash outside to throw it away are less likely to place the bags and items in the proper bins or throw them away correctly. Design and build a trash room for residents to simplify the process.

A trash room ensures they don’t have to go outside to toss away their items, and it helps you collect and manage the amount of waste generated. Your staff can transport the bins inside the trash room to the proper dumpsters and ensure the waste is available for collection on trash day. Managing the trash yourself also allows you to get a better idea of how quickly these trash cans fill up.

Divide and Conquer

Once you have a lovely trash room, put it to good use. Separate items into various bins and color code them so that residents know where things belong. For example, green bins can be for organics, blue bins can be for recycling, and gray bins can be for landfill. You can add a few more colors if necessary to make trash collection and organization easy.

This system also encourages residents to separate their trash inside their homes before coming to the trash room. When more tenants are on board with the system, more trash ends up in the proper places.

Partner With a Recycling Center

Speak with local recycling centers to see if you can partner with them. These locations are always willing to provide people with solutions and programs to adopt to better the planet. Share whatever information they provide with your residents.

Place informative signs about recycling standards around the common areas so that everyone stays on the same page. You can also send out emails and place notices underneath their doors to cover all bases. The recycling center may also assist with collecting items. Check with the community and see if one resident wants to be a representative of the program if you do not have time to manage promotional materials yourself.

Work With a Vendor

In multi-unit residential buildings, people throw out more than just food. Eventually, you’ll see larger items outside by the trash bin, including old furniture or appliances. Fortunately, there is a proper way to discard these items.

Work with waste management vendors to get their assistance. At Vine Disposal, we have dumpster rentals at our Atlanta location. We can help renters with loading these dumpsters. Plus, we know the places to take these items for proper disposal. Remind your residents there will be restrictions for these containers and that they need to follow the rules for everyone’s safety.

For more waste management tips beyond the scope of multi-unit residential buildings, visit our website.