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Tips That Make Cleaning Out Your Garage Easier

If you have a mountain of items that are about to burst through your garage doors and have no idea how to get rid of it, this blog is for you. No matter the circumstance you find yourself in, we can help with providing tips that make cleaning out your garage easier.

Clean Off the Ground and All Surfaces

Before diving into the thick of things, declutter the entire garage and all its surfaces, including tables or shelves. We know it’s tough, and it might be eating away at your plans with friends, but the garage floor and any surfaces should be the first things you clean. Get rid of all the piles of clutter. Store stuff in boxes and put it outside to deal with later. At this stage, the most important thing is to get everything out of the garage so you can clean it efficiently.

Clean Off All the Surfaces

After all the objects have been removed, sweep and vacuum the entire garage. Remember to get the corners, since lots of dust and cobwebs gather there. Then, scrub your walls with a water-and-bleach mixture to disinfect them. If you want the best results, wipe the walls down, wait 30 minutes, and then scrub again. This helps eliminate mold growth.

Then, scrub the floor using a mixture of hot water and laundry detergent to remove stubborn ground stains.

Sort and Divide Everything

One of the last steps is sorting through everything and dividing it all into piles. Make piles for things you’re going to keep, donate, and throw away. If your throw-away pile is very big, get a 12-yard dumpster rental to dump that pile into.

As you return the things you want to keep into your garage, install shelves, hooks, and anything else you need to make the garage organization simpler. Shelves add space and make the garage look larger.

Keep our tips that make cleaning out your garage easier in mind when tackling large amounts of clutter in your garage. At Vine Disposal, we want to guide you in the right direction, and we can do that by giving you access to the perfect dumpster sizes.