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Tips on How To Reduce Home Renovation Waste

You have a goal of condensing the collection of waste you produce through every remodel. However, it’s not achievable until you have an idea of how to reduce home renovation waste. Follow along with us to learn our tips on how to reduce home renovation waste.

Discuss Options Early

You should start your conversation early. If the restoration is in six months, start at least two weeks into the first month of planning; you have a base to lay out your task list of things to do and what to buy before you begin the teardown.

Should Everything Go?

No, not necessarily. Depending on the size of your remodel and how flexible your budget is, you can probably get away with salvaging items, such as old countertops, cabinets, and pipework.

Not everything needs to leave, as you can save much and reuse it for other purposes, either around the home or by giving it to others to use.

Additionally, suppose your remodel only requires you to change one element out. In that case, you could consider painting the cabinets or counters over with a new finish to breathe new life into the kitchen.

Redistribute Your Debris

When you go into thrift stores or other places that resell renovation scraps, you likely find more than what you bargained for initially. For starters, there might be a color you have searched far and wide for, and there’s an exact can of that paint sitting on the top shelf.

Don’t count it all as garbage; if anything, those used items are always someone’s treasure that they have been searching for forever to find. Look around the neighborhood and see if anyone needs supplies for their projects.

Pick Your Materials Carefully

As you comb through different materials, you’ll find that not all of them are recyclable. The best way to tell if they’re sustainable is to have a tag that describes where a product originates from and what happens after you throw it into a dumpster.

Additionally, you should research companies that have certifications, such as certification B. Certification B is a license that shows a business follows the wishes of clients and communities to ensure that manufacturing processes of wood and paper products are eco-friendly.

Recycling Other Items

While searching for ways to recycle your other items, it’s a good idea to rent a dumpster. Big bins are suitable in many instances where you have a lot of scraps to toss out. Ensure you get the best when learning how to reduce home restoration leftovers.

Do you need to lease a dumpster in Cumming, Georgia, or its surrounding areas? Make sure to vet out your local Cumming dumpster rental options and choose one that meets your needs and fits everything you plan to throw out.

Following the magical “3 R’s” is what keeps Vine Disposal motivated and more aware of the importance of recycling waste properly. Contact us here for more information on finding the best fit in dumpster rentals.