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Tips for Turning a Property Over Between Tenants

Once you know new tenants will be moving into your property, you need to get the ball rolling. There are a lot of things to check off the list, and it’s important to be thorough and organized. Let us help you with these tips for turning a property over between tenants.

Provide Notice

You need to provide your current tenants with enough notice so that they can properly prepare themselves to move out. Send them a notification six months before their lease is up and give them an additional notice three months after that. Ensure they know all the important approaching dates.

Relay this information to them through emails and adequate documentation for legal purposes. Give them the move-out instructions so that they know what you need them to do with keys and appliances and how to properly move their possessions from the property.

Change the Locks

Even though they turned the keys in, you need to get the locks changed. You never know if they made copies. For the safety of your new tenants, it’s your job to provide them with fresh keys.

After they move out, call a locksmith for every door in the house. Don’t have the same key for the front and back doors. Have a new lock installed for each entrance.

Schedule a Crew

Regardless of how well they maintained the property, you will need to schedule maintenance and cleaning crews to come onto your property. Your current tenants have occupied your space and you’ll need to properly clean out any remnants they may have left behind.

As the move-out day approaches, call and schedule for a maintenance and cleaning crew to come out to your property. Things like plumbing and hot water you won’t be able to spot until you perform the inspection. Regardless, you will need to clean the property. Schedule a cleaning and painting crew one month early.

Conduct an Inspection

After your current tenant hands over the keys, conduct the final move-out inspection. Depending on the state of your property, you’ll determine if you give back their security deposit. Check the plumbing and electrical. You’ll know if you need to hire additional maintenance crews.

Sometimes tenants leave items behind, especially if they plan to buy new ones. If some of the items are on the larger side, it’s your responsibility to properly discard them. Don’t run the risk of leaving those items on the side of the road. Here at Vine Disposal, we have dumpster rentals in Snellville you can rent to load up all the discarded items.

Your current and new tenants will appreciate your professionalism in following these tips for turning a property over between them. For more information, visit our website.