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Three Ways To Get Rid of Automotive Waste Like Oil

If you own a car dealership or auto mechanic shop, you must determine the best ways to dispose of automotive waste. For example, motor oil can pick up a lot of hazardous chemicals during its use in an engine or transmission.

You must follow state and federal regulations and get rid of the waste responsibly. In most cases, you cannot take automotive waste to a landfill like you can the trash in your garbage bins. Here are three ways to get rid of automotive waste like oil.

Gather Used Oil and Other Fluids for Recycling

You cannot leave used oil sitting around your shop for months on end. State and federal laws dictate how long you have to get rid of your automotive waste. An easy way to get rid of used oil and other auto fluids is to have them sent away for recycling. You can find a recycling center with the proper licensing to dispose of used oil and auto waste.

Get a Holding Tank for Storage

If you choose to recycle your automotive waste, you must have a place to store your materials properly. A holding tank is a great way to store your automotive waste before preparing it for proper disposal and containment.

To rent a dumpster in Lawrenceville, GA, you should contact a company with years of experience working in your industry. You can work with a qualified dumpster rental company to find a holding tank suitable for handling toxic automotive waste.

Use Waste Oil Heating

Once you register as a used oil generator, consider purchasing an EPA-certified waste oil furnace. With a waste oil furnace, you can burn used automotive fluid and turn it into heat for your facility. You can safely eliminate your automotive waste and reduce your company’s energy costs.

You must handle, store, and dispose of automotive waste properly at an auto dealership or mechanic shop. We hope you use these three ways to get rid of automotive waste like oil and contact us for your disposal needs. At Vine Disposal, we service a range of commercial industries and look forward to assisting your automotive business.