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The Environmental Benefits of Dumpsters & Waste Disposal

Humans generate millions of pounds of garbage every year, and a majority of it doesn’t end up in the designated locations. Incorrect waste disposal is a recipe for disaster for every ecosystem. Finding new ways to reduce the world’s carbon footprint is crucial. Together we can reduce waste and take care of it in more sustainable ways. Here are some environmental benefits of dumpsters and waste disposal.

Track & Measure Waste

People generate a lot of waste, and it doesn’t always end up in the right place. The average American consumer produces just under five pounds of trash each day, averaging about 1,642 pounds per person.

The EPA reported 292.4 million tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) in 2018. About 94 million tons of that waste was recycled and composted. A large portion of that waste comes from commercial businesses and the consumer industry. Dumpster rentals allow organizations and businesses to track their waste, and the proper authorities can handle the containers and the contents inside.

Tracking waste and recycling helps reduce waste production. Waste management programs track the amount of reusable waste hauled generated from commercial properties. Workers at waste management companies siphon through the contents and find reusable materials. This process could also help with the conservation of natural resources like lumber, paper, metal, and stones. Recycled materials are safer for the environment and reduce the need to acquire new materials.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Think about all the fuel that garbage trucks consume to travel back and forth to dispose of waste. Dumpster rentals can reduce the number of trips to dump sites for smaller containers. They can also reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Most environmentalists prefer to eradicate vehicles fueled by gasoline and diesel. While that might not be entirely possible, dumpster rentals can reduce carbon emissions by holding more waste and minimizing the number of trips required for disposal.

It’s much more eco-friendly than going back and forth multiple times in a pickup or garbage truck. Dumpsters take up more space, but that greater capacity leads to fewer trips to dumping sites, leading to garbage trucks using less fuel.

Offer Storage Solutions

Think about the hazardous materials that don’t make it into waste receptacles. Dumpsters are safe storage solutions for hazardous materials. This is especially important for construction workers and home renovators. Home improvement projects sometimes require people to deal with asbestos, lead, and other toxic substances.

Discarding these dangerous materials in regular trash bins can be dangerous. If they don’t make it into the right waste bins, they can cause health problems and environmental destruction. Rent a dumpster to store these materials safely. Then, the proper authorities can deal with the disposal.

They can also manage chemicals and medical waste. Discuss with your dumpster rental provider first if there is a chance these materials might be thrown inside dumpsters. They can offer specific instructions on placement. Providers need to know what hazardous materials you plan to throw away so they can dispose of them properly.

Reduce Water Pollution

The ocean is heavily polluted, and it doesn’t need any more problems. It might take decades before the ocean is clean, or it might be a lifelong task. We can start by finding ways to make the waters safer.

Waste has a way of ending up in the water from several different avenues. It might not be possible to eliminate all of them but remember that the name of the game is to reduce the numbers. Rent dumpsters to reduce water pollution and prevent waste and debris from entering waterways and polluting our oceans.

People will be encouraged to throw their trash inside these containers rather than on the ground. Dumpsters can be especially valuable in densely populated communities.

Decrease Landfill Waste

Not many people think about where their trash goes once it leaves their property—out of sight, out of mind. Landfill sites are plentiful, but some don’t operate in a way that benefits the environment. It’s not a matter of neglect or carelessness. The world simply produces too much waste to manage. Dumpster rentals reduce the amount of waste in landfills because they allow for the proper recycling of the contents.

Providers will follow their protocol on where to dispose of the waste safely. Home improvement projects often generate reusable waste. Other items that aren’t reusable, like Styrofoam, food wrappers, and food related containers, will go to facilities that follow different disposal systems.

Prevent Burning Waste

Reducing air pollution is just as important as reducing water pollution. Environmentalists have successfully debunked the myth that burning waste is the safer solution; it’s actually very damaging to the atmosphere. Those gases from burning waste are just as bad as carbon emissions.

Burning waste releases harmful pollutants into the air that destroy the ozone layer over time. Burning non-biodegradable materials, such as plastics and metals, is a significant source of air pollution.

A dumpster rental provides an alternative to burning waste. The waste gets collected and disposed of safely in an eco-friendly manner. Waste collected by a waste management service will neither end up in landfills nor the atmosphere.

Encourage Waste Management

The consumer industry produces a lot of waste and doesn’t always follow the best practices for waste disposal. However, an obvious solution might encourage industry leaders to work harder about being more environmentally conscious.

Dumpster rentals encourage proper waste management because they provide a convenient and easy way for individuals and businesses to dispose of waste. Providers offer several container sizes to choose from, and they know exactly where to dispose of the waste.

At Vine Disposal, we can offer suggestions for all projects and special cases. We have dumpsters from 12 to 40 yards. Our large containers are best for businesses that generate a lot of waste. They could also work for a big home project. Tell us about your project, and we’ll help you find a suitable dumpster rental.

Every little thing matters when protecting the ecosystem. Dumpsters and waste disposal offer plenty of environmental benefits for people and corporations to consider. For more information, visit our website.

The Environmental Benefits of Dumpsters & Waste Disposal