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The Differences Between Commercial & Roll-Off Dumpsters

Most dumpsters all have the same function. You place discarded waste and trash inside of them. Even though this is true, there are still distinctions worth noting and explaining between the different kinds of dumpsters for use. Consider looking at it this way. There are recycling bins and regular trash bins. Typically, you don’t place things you plan to recycle in a regular trash bin. Commercial and roll-off dumpsters have differences between them as well. Read on to find out more.

Commercial Dumpster

A commercial dumpster is for smaller waste disposal jobs. It wouldn’t make sense to purchase or use one of these for a large project or a greater purpose. You’ll see these dumpsters in the back of alleys, behind restaurants or apartment complexes.

If a service offers a dumpster for you, it’s probably providing this option. Commercial dumpsters come with a flip-on and flip-off lid, making it easy to dispose of and contain the waste inside the container. The lid also helps discourage animals from entering and seeking food.

Sometimes, animals can still get past the lid if you don’t secure it properly. Many commercial dumpsters come with chains attached that go across the lid for more security. They have routine dumping schedules. A dumpster service can pick up and clear out these containers weekly, which is the most standard service option.

Roll-Off Dumpster

A roll-off dumpster looks quite different from a commercial dumpster. It may still be a metal container at the end of the day, but the size of this type of container alone puts commercial dumpsters to shame. Because roll-off dumpster sizes are quite large, you should purchase them for special projects, such as renovating a home.

Here at Vine Disposal, you can rent a dumpster in Lawrenceville, GA, that will cater to your needs. We offer various sizes and help you make the best decision based on your reason for purchase. We also make our customers aware of the laws and regulations surrounding and regarding roll-off dumpsters.

It’s important to know where you can and can’t place these containers and how long you can rent them out. Because they’re so much larger and function for specific jobs, people don’t use them as often. Moreover, these containers don’t come with a lid, so there are specific guidelines you’ll need to practice to keep animals out.

Which Is Better?

Deciding which container works best for you really depends on what you need one for. For everyday purposes, a commercial dumpster is your best bet. But if you have a heftier job in mind, you may want to go with the roll-off dumpster.

Remember to keep in mind that regardless of the size, there are still weight restrictions you’ll need to adhere to when it comes to a roll-off dumpster. Because these don’t come with lids, you’ll need to find alternative measures to keep extra trash or rain and snow from entering and increasing the weight. Don’t worry, though; this is another thing we can help you with.

Now that you know the differences between commercial and roll-off dumpsters, you can shop around with us today and make a purchase. For more information, visit our website.