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The Best Home Improvement Projects for Springtime

You accumulated a long list of things to do around the home last winter, but then you never got around to them. It’s not a big deal, but this season, pick some projects you know you have time to do—ones that fit your schedule and that you can dedicate some time to completing. Make a list, check it twice, and get to it! Here are some of the best home improvement projects for springtime.

Update Your Curb Appeal

’Tis the season for home renewal, so get your home ready for the best year of its life by updating its curb appeal. This can involve anything from changing the front door’s color to placing potted plants around the home’s foundation. It’s your home, so renovate it the way you want.

In our opinion, the best approach to fixing your curb appeal is to refresh the porch by adding furniture and a screen to prevent bugs from invading your sanctuary. You can also add a bush or two around the porch to decorate the front yard.

Fix Those Squeaky Floors

Every old home has squeaky floorboards, but sometimes we don’t notice or care to repair the issue. Nothing terrible will happen, but the creaking can amplify and worsen over time. The root cause is usually temperature, humidity, or poor flooring quality—in other words, the person who installed the floors last didn’t do a good job. Luckily, there are solutions to this very problem, and they’re inexpensive. Here are a few ways to fix your floors:

Use Screws

Many homeowners don’t know how to fix squeaky floors, but if you can find the squeaky spots, you can fix them with joists and screws. Mark the squeaky space and place your screws 6 inches apart, near the joists. Make sure you’re using the right type of screw: for floors thinner than 3/4 of an inch, use 2-inch screws; for thicker floors, use 2½-inch screws.

Use Construction Adhesive

You may notice gaps between the floorboards. This typically happens when the joist is corroded or not inserted correctly. Using construction adhesive prevents floors from moving and squeaking as you step on them. Place a sealant into the gaps and then push down—using a heavy object to hold down the floorboard until the sealant hardens can help. Once the adhesive hardens, the floorboards will no longer squeak. Check the flooring thoroughly and fill in gaps with glue as necessary to lessen the noise.

Place New Weatherstripping

As the seasons change, unpredictable weather can pop up. Use weatherstripping to prevent water leaks through doors and windows. Weatherstripping keeps elements out, and your home will stay cool during the warmer months. Use the strips on any hatches and doors that lead to drafty spaces, such as the attic and patio.

If you haven’t made any door improvements lately, now’s the time to see if you can improve your entryway; adding new wooden stops gives the weatherstripping a better surface to grip to.

Improve the Bathrooms

Bathrooms typically have the most room for improvement, often needing things such as new sinks and moisture prevention measures. You can always make minor improvements, such as installing an exhaust system for the humidity, but we encourage you to think big. Every homeowner deserves their own spa getaway, even if it’s only a few feet from their bed. Start by adding a caddy to your bathtub. Then, add immaculate shelving to add more organization. Every enhancement you make transforms the room, so make this remodel about you and your well-being—you’ll need someplace to escape to during the day.

Update the Landscaping

Spring calls for new beginnings, so add a unique touch to your landscaping with a friendly greeting to the local wildlife. Although it’s best not to allow pests and insects to roost in your yard, it’s okay if they remain at a distance and nowhere near your home’s foundation.

If you have acreage, take full advantage! Having extra space to work with opens a new world of possibilities for future projects and adds the opportunity for variety. To start, use stone, brick, or logs to create garden plots. Then, add wildlife-friendly plants such as flowers for the bees and butterflies to pollinate. Small things such as these sustain the environment and lead to more innovative projects that will allow you to do even more to enhance your landscape.

Enhance Your Home’s Security

The season is new, so add something new—such as a better security system. Every home needs the best security to create awareness and prevent break-ins.

There’s a lot of new technology that keeps the home secure and prevents intruders from breaking in. For starters, many tech companies have developed new doorbell systems that connect to your phone, so you’ll no longer need to leave the couch to see who’s at the door. Additionally, everything that the doorbell camera picks up are recorded, so you can rewatch the footage through the app or on the computer. Motion-censored lights are another addition to make.

Create a Laundry Room

If the basement is your spot for laundry, it’s time to create a new one. The basement is a great place to store things, but the best way to make laundry day less stressful is to designate a separate room in the home for laundry. If you have the ability, build separate walls in the basement to create a new room. This separates the space and offers you a more balanced method of doing laundry.

Don’t forget to renew your home with these home improvement ideas to complete this spring. Our list is a stepping stone to your next successful home renovation project. Get that list planned and your waste management services booked.

Every time you complete a project, you’re likely left with a huge mess you need to clean up. Don’t just throw it away, though—get a dumpster. Every project listed here is a perfect match for our dumpsters. Feel free to check out our 10-yard dumpsters for rent for your waste management needs. Contact us for more information on our dumpster rentals for your next home improvement project.

The Best Home Improvement Projects for Springtime