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How To Take Care of a Tree That Fell on Your House


Picture this: you are sitting inside your home on a stormy day, and there isn’t much to do besides read a book or catch up on a new show you’ve been binge-watching. Suddenly, you hear a snap, crash, and a cloud of dust and debris rolling around you and your home. When you step outside, you realize that the storm’s high winds uprooted a tree and caused it to fall on your home.

This is a terrifying situation for anyone, and not many may know what to do after vacating their home. Today, we’re here to deliver the necessary steps to help you navigate how to take care of a tree that fell on your house.

Vacate Your Home Immediately

When a tree falls on your home, it’s essential to leave home immediately with your family. Unfortunately, you won’t have the chance to take any essentials with you until an expert can assess the damage. In cases of extreme damage done, including any signs of flooding, you should move everyone to another location until the home is inspected.

Contact Emergency Services and Other Vital Informants

Trees can strike down on homes at any given moment, so contact emergency services if the fallen tree caused any injuries, death, power line interference, or if you feel the felled tree is a threat to any pedestrians or nearby traffic. Make sure to explain the entire situation to the operator and follow their instructions, should they give any.

Document Everything and Contact Your Insurance Provider

When you are done speaking with emergency services and following their instructions, make sure to document everything so you can file a proper claim without leaving any loose ends to tie up. When the event strikes, immediately contact your insurance provider and follow all requirements to begin filing a claim. Be sure to ask what you will need to document and see if you need any witness recordings and other vital information.

Secure Your Home

Once you are finished documenting everything, share the information with a plumber and a roofer. No matter the circumstances or how bad the damage is, a 24-hour roofer and a 24-hour plumber should check for any damages and tell you what you need to do next.

When securing your home, turn off the power immediately. If you suspect any water might leak in from the roof, save your home from an even bigger accident by cutting the power. Another step to take in making sure you know how to take care of a tree that fell on your home is to contact a water removal company and a waste management company to provide you with a 20-yard dumpster so you can remove any unwanted debris.

Vine Disposal is here to ensure that the damages will be taken care of by removing the tree and other parts of your home sustained damage. Ensure your home is safe by taking the necessary precautions when the worst happens.