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Many privately owned businesses in Marietta, GA, have their own dumpsters. Those businesses also have them blocked off from others dumping their own garbage into it. It can be difficult for contractors or independently ran mobile businesses to stop locals from dumping into your dumpster. Vine Disposal gets that, and in Marietta, GA, trustworthy dumpster services are hard to come by. Here are some recognized ways to help you learn how to stop others from using your dumpster rental.

Lock Your Dumpster Up

Locking your dumpster not only prevents trespassers from throwing their garbage in, but also stops them from prying the dumpster open. Once it’s locked up, there’ll be no way for onlookers to get inside. The only downside to this, though, is that if you or another worker need to dump something, they’ll need to lock and unlock it each time you or someone else needs to use it. But at least you won’t need to pay extra fees for unnecessary garbage being thrown in.

Don’t Leave Your Dumpster in Dark Areas

You don’t want people to assume your dumpster is abandoned. If you keep it under or near a hardly lit-up area, it gives others ample opportunity to discard their trash. You can easily discourage this behavior by keeping your dumpster near a brightly lit place. The only time it should ever be in the dark is when it’s closing time, and everyone has gone home for the evening. Once darkness ascends, lock up your dumpster.

Block Your Dumpster In

Another effective way of how to stop others from using your dumpster rental is to block it off. Suppose you have a fence wrapped around the perimeter of the dumpster. As long as the fence isn’t being blocked by anything, you can deter any spectators from attempting to break in and throw away their garbage. In that case, you can even prevent garbage pickers from entering.

Post Signs

Yes, you can protest others from throwing their garbage into your dumpster. They see this as unfair, but we’re here to clear that it’s legal for you to prevent others from dumping debris into your dumpster rental. You can buy signs that say “no trespassing” and many others from hardware stores and other local vendors.

Use Security Cameras

It’s difficult to watch your dumpster while also trying to get your job done. You can help beat the stress of doing both by installing twenty-four-hour video surveillance cameras. Even if someone does dump garbage into your dumpster, you’ll have a face to identify so you can know who to press charges against. Also, when someone is being watched, they’ll usually be discouraged from doing anything wrong.

You can trust us at Vine Disposal to help you with all your dumpster rental needs. We want to help you plan the best possible solution, so you won’t experience illegal garbage dumping into your dumpster rental.