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How To Dispose of Large Items That Don’t Fit in Your Bin

Do you have an estate sale coming up? Or are you planning on redecorating/remodeling your home? Whatever new plans you have around the corner, you’ll likely have to get rid of some old stuff. However, not all of it will fit in your regular-sized trash bin.

Instead of leaving those things on the curb as an eye sore, it’s a promising idea to see what other options you have. Read on to learn more about how to dispose of large items that don’t fit in your bin.

Stack and Layer

Consider approaching the problem like you’re packing a suitcase. You want to make all your items fit without going over that 50-pound limitation. The trick is to stack and layer. As you start to collect all the items you plan to throw away, carefully survey what you plan to discard.

You can carefully place some objects together and make them fit like puzzle pieces. Note all the areas where you have openings and room. Stack and layer things together so that you can place them near your trash bin when it comes time for collection day. Your main goal is to make things smaller and easier to manage.

Dismantle It

If it didn’t arrive pre-assembled, that means you can try to take it apart. Even if it did come put together, there is still a chance you can dismantle it to make it fit inside. There are a few ways to accomplish this. If you still own the instructions on putting the piece together, pull them out and look over the steps you followed the first time.

Depending on what you’re taking apart, the process might be pretty straightforward, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. For example, many items like TV mounts attach to the walls of your home. You don’t want to run the risk of damaging your interior by incorrectly dismantling this item.

Follow the proper steps to take it apart and place all the pieces inside your trash bin. Another option is to completely destroy the piece. If you have no use for it and it’s lost all value, you can try wrecking it to break it down easier. Make sure you try this option in an open and clear space to remain safe.

Try Selling It

If you’re looking to turn a profit, you can sell the belongings. Some of your objects may still have value, but you don’t have use for them anymore. Remember that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. You can throw a yard sale and see how many passersby will take an interest in your belongings.

Don’t try an upsell too much. Base the price of the items on how much you paid for them and how old they are. Understand that your customers will take this into consideration. If you need additional help for expensive furniture pieces, speak with an appraisal expert and see how much they would charge for the item.

Carefully survey all the items. Don’t try and sell things you know that are beyond repair. Even if you place signs around that claim all sales are final, passing off defective objects can create some unnecessary tension between buyer and seller. The items you sell will mean one less thing to worry about fitting in your bin.

Consider Charity

It’s always good to give back, and you can do your part by giving away some of the items to charity. If you don’t have time in your schedule to throw that yard sale, you can always donate the bigger pieces. Places like Goodwill and other secondhand stores seek out pieces people no longer need.

Some stores or organizations in your area may even pick up your discarded belongings from your home. If you’re unable to transport items, look for a charity that offers a pickup service, where they will come and collect the heftier pieces. Set up a time that works with your schedule.

Additionally, you can partner with other organizations that specialize in donations to see which items they feel would be beneficial. Some of these places have requirements when it comes to donations, so make sure the items are in suitable conditions before proceeding.

Consult With the Garbage Company

Many people make the mistake of placing their larger discarded items near their trash bin and assume the waste technicians will pick them up. When they don’t, the items sit for longer than they should, and you may receive a fine. It might be against the law in your area to leave your possessions on the side of the road.

You don’t want to fall subject to any of these fines, making it important to speak with your garbage company before you proceed with anything. They can advise you on want to do with your items and inform you of any fines you may receive for violations.

They might recommend junk yards that will take your items for you. Contact them and set up times for when they can come and collect your discarded possessions. Fortunately, junk yards don’t care what condition the items are in.

Rent a Dumpster

Sometimes two heads are better than one. Or, in this case, two trash bins are better than one! Consider renting an additional dumpster that’s large enough to hold all your items. You’ll also want it to be easy to transport. Here at Vine Disposal, we have roll-off dumpsters in Atlanta that can accommodate all your needs.

Before renting one of our sturdy and dependable dumpsters, see how long you can have the dumpster on your property. Some neighborhoods require permission before renting because they can affect those around you. Check with your city codes or HOA before purchasing. Determine how long you can rent the dumpster and plan your clean-out time around that timeframe.

Large dumpsters might invite unwanted animals, so be sure to follow the proper procedures to maintain the rental dumpster. Avoid throwing away your regular trash items in this dumpster and stick with only the heavy items. This way, the animals won’t smell food and consider approaching or entering your rented dumpster.

You don’t have to make this process a headache for yourself. Disposing of the larger items that don’t fit in your bin can be as easy as following a few simple steps. If a rental dumpster seems like the best method for your items, contact us today to learn more about which dumpster is right for you.

How To Dispose of Large Items That Don’t Fit in Your Bin