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How Long Can You Rent a Roll-Off Dumpster For?

If you’re not careful, you might spend too much on a dumpster that you can only lease for a short amount of time. So, instead of wondering how long you can rent a roll-off dumpster for, let’s break down everything based on the type of project you plan on doing.

The Standard Dumpster Rental Length

For many dumpster rentals, you can expect a period between one day and a whole month. Every project is different, and if you only can afford one dumpster at a time and have a lot to haul away, you need to rethink your options.

However, if you are looking at one or two 20-cubic-yard dumpster rentals for your project, let your dumpster provider know, because some may have less room to fit you in for a rental.

Estimating Rental Period

Every contractor or homeowner needs to estimate how long their project will take and then factor that into how long they’ll need to rent a dumpster.

So, to make it easy, try breaking down the tasks you need to complete for your project into a few days or hours; this helps determine how long you need to take to complete every task while renting a dumpster.

If your projects are not big, and you only need to move a few piles, then stick to a one to two-day dumpster rental period. Otherwise, you’ll need to stick to the typical 14-day or longer dumpster leasing terms.

You need a timeline, so start by sorting your tasks and determining how many hours it can take to throw something away or tear something down. Focus on the smaller areas before setting up your dumpster rental schedule.

Avoiding Overage Fees

Like with overage fees on weight, there’s also a fee for keeping the dumpster longer than initially planned. If you only intended to throw out the waste for a week, only keep the dumpster for the week.

It’s better to stay within the company’s recommended length of rental time to avoid any potential fees. If you keep it longer, the overage fee is added to the base rate, which results in spending more than you need.

However, if there’s more for you to do, such as cleaning the area after throwing everything into the bins, call the dumpster rental company. They’re more than happy to negotiate a workaround and give you an even better rate for keeping the dumpster longer.

The answer to how long you can rent a roll-off dumpster depends widely on the type of project you intend to do. No matter the project, get in touch with your dumpster roll-off rental company about keeping it longer and negotiating a better rate.

Vine Disposal is happy to offer its customers the best rates on renting a dumpster. If you’re unsure of how to rent or how long you’d like to lease, contact us here, and we can help guide you through the rental process and even agree on a rate that works for you.