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Dumpster Rental Tips for Restaurant Owners

Restaurant sanitation is a necessity to keep the business running. It’s important to keep both the inside and outside of a restaurant clean. Even the dumpster needs proper care, so check out these dumpster rental tips for restaurant owners.

Double Bag Trash

All that delicious food you serve in your restaurant can attract more than just your customers. Some uninvited guests might want a taste too. When you dispose of your restaurant’s trash, double bag it. Never place any loose items inside the dumpster rental.

All waste should be in a trash bag, and double bagging helps avoid leakage. Heavy-duty bags are your friend in the restaurant business. That extra seal protection will help keep smells locked in and reduce the temptation for pests to snoop through your trash.

Deter Pests

Unfortunately, double bags don’t stop everything, and pests may still enter dumpsters. If they’ve gotten lucky in the trash before, they figure they’ll get lucky again. Pests are smart, which means you need to be smarter.

Use a repellent inside and outside the rental. Don’t overuse the repellent if you don’t want to harm the pests. However, discouraging them from entering the dumpster requires only a few sprays. Concoct a mixture of ammonia and water inside a spray bottle. Spray down the dumpster each day and night.

Drain the Sewage

There’s no such thing as a fresh-smelling dumpster. It’s a nice idea, but dumpsters take on some of the worst smells and conditions. Nothing is perfect, so even with double bags and repellent sprays, there will still be some leaks and spills.

For moments like this, you want to ensure the dumpster is near sewer drainage. That way, if the liquids seep through the container, they won’t form a puddle underneath. The puddle’s odor can get too strong and start to seep back into the restaurant. No one wants that.

Consider a Cover

Some dumpster rentals don’t come with lids, especially if you’re looking at a 40-yard dumpster rental. But that doesn’t mean you should leave them exposed and vulnerable. Find a thick tarp or covering to place on top of the container.

Even if the cover is thick, you should ensure it won’t blow away or be lifted. Tie down the ends to the side of the dumpster. Keeps the rope secure throughout the day, and untie it only when you need to toss in a new bag or when someone comes to collect the trash.

If you’re a restaurant owner, come to us with all your sanitation needs or for any more tips you might want to know about dumpster rentals. At Vine Disposal, we’re here to help. Visit our website today!