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Dumpster Rental: Keeping Your Neighbors Happy

It’s no secret that dumpster rentals aren’t the most attractive containers around. If we’re being honest, they’re a bit of an eyesore. Considering their purpose, they don’t need to look pretty.

Property owners rent them to hold discarded items and cart them off to a dump site. Until the dumpsters leave your property, you have to deal with them, and your neighbors have to see them. Let’s work on keeping your neighbors happy when you have a dumpster rental.

Give Them Notice

Some home improvement projects require a dumpster rental. Whether you’re renovating or cleaning out a big section of your home, you’ll need a waste container rental on your property. Before contacting a provider, you need to give your neighbors a full warning.

The container will likely stay close to your home, so notifying your neighbors beforehand is a common courtesy. Start with your next-door neighbors, and work your way down the street. Give them the basics concerning the project, like times of operation, the project, the timeline, and any specifics concerning the dumpster rental.

Keep Things Contained

Try and keep things contained as securely as possible. Dumpster rentals don’t come with lids; they have doors on the sides for renters to walk inside and place their items, but most items get tossed overhead and are left to the elements.

Homeowners can try plenty of alternatives to keep things contained. Consider placing a tarp on top of the dumpster at the end of every workday. Tie down the tarp with a rope and secure it to the side handles of the dumpster. Never overfill the dumpster. The contents should never get to the point of overflowing.

Dumpster rentals are eyesores for everyone, and they can get pretty pricey for the renter. Overweighed containers will result in additional fees, so avoid overfilling your rental.

Ward Off Animals

Animals are naturally attracted to dumpsters and waste. Whether they are looking for food or a place to stay warm, they will try to enter any open container. No one in the neighborhood wants to deal with an increase in vermin.

Consider spraying ammonia inside the container to ward off animals like raccoons, rats, possums, or skunks. Spray a mixture of ammonia and water every day to keep pests and insects away. Keep the container on the concrete and not on the grass. Grass makes it easy for pests to slip underneath.

Lastly, never use the dumpster as a garbage bin for food waste. At Vine Disposal, our 10-yard dumpsters for rent can handle just about anything, but refraining from tossing away food is always a good idea.

Keep your neighbors happy and consider them before renting your next dumpster. For more information, visit our website.