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Different Types of Household Junk You Can Put in a Dumpster

We’ve already mentioned the items you can’t throw into a dumpster rental. This is probably a more popular topic because of the risks of tossing some of those items. However, that list leaves the pressing question: What items can go in the dumpster rental? Well, we’ve got the answer for you. Read on to see the different types of household junk you can put in a dumpster.

Household Trash

It makes sense that trash is allowed in the dumpster, specifically household trash. If you need extra space from your home’s assigned trash bin, feel free to use the dumpster rental. Keep these items intended for the dumpster as common household garbage.

Stick with the same rules you apply to the trash bin inside your home. Never dump any liquids or combined chemicals. Drain everything before placing it in a garbage bag and making your way toward the dumpster.

Construction Debris

If your home is under renovation, the debris collected from these projects can go inside the roll-off dumpster. They won’t fit inside a regular trash can anyway. To make things easier and possibly lower the weight limit, consider breaking down the pieces substantially before tossing them in the dumpster.

You can break down some of that old roofing or wasted drywall into smaller pieces. This way, the container does not fill up so quickly, and you don’t need to worry about going over the weight limit or switching out the dumpster earlier than planned. We’ve got containers of all sizes, and our 12 cubic yard dumpster can handle most smaller projects.

Yard Waste

Any sort of aftermath from landscaping projects or yard is free to go inside the dumpster. Acceptable items include the following:

Anything organic or non-hazardous is safe for a dumpster, but some fertilizers might not fit the bill. Read through the ingredients on those bags thoroughly before placing them in the container. To dispose of leaves and avoid an unnecessary mess, make sure they are tied tight in a bag.

Wooden Furniture

Wood furniture is acceptable for a dumpster because it’s non-hazardous and easily breaks down. This is another way to create more room inside the container and prevent it from exceeding the weight limit.

Dispose of furniture such as:

Some Electronics

Not all electronics can go in your dumpster rental. Some are okay, but certain states have specific laws regarding the disposal of large devices. Most states encourage previous owners to recycle electronics before tossing them out.

Other items, like computers and smaller electronic items, are acceptable. The electronics tolerance only applies to e-waste thrown away in small amounts.

All this household junk is acceptable to put in your dumpster rental, but if you ever have any questions, don’t be afraid to reach out! Here at Vine Disposal, we’re dedicated to helping you. For more information, visit our website.