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5 Ways To Prep Your Yard for Cold Weather

When the cold hits, many homeowners think they don’t need to concern themselves with lawn care or maintenance during those months. There’s no way to stop the elements, so why bother with making the lawn look beautiful? But lawn care is not always about instant beautification.

Sometimes it’s about protecting the current state of your yard, so when the spring and summer approach again, there won’t be any issues with making it look presentable. Here are five ways to prep your yard for cold weather.

Divide Your Perennials

Fall is the perfect time to divide your perennials, and you’ll want to strike while the iron is hot, so to speak. Dig the whole clump out with a pitchfork or shovel, then divide and break down the base using the same tool. Make the cluster of perennials into smaller clumps and add them to other places in your landscape.

It’s usually time to start dividing them when you notice they double or triple in size or if they start to look dead in the middle. Start this process on a dry day during the fall. A wet ground might make it easier to dig them up, but you don’t want the soil too wet.

Mow the Lawn

Get that grass as low as possible. It’s important to get those green blades short before the winter shows up, so the lawn doesn’t get matted. Aim for two and a half inches. Start this process as the weather gets colder and you notice the grass is not growing as strongly as it used to.

A short lawn also discourages field mice and other animals from burrowing through the yard, searching for warmth. If they can’t make it inside your home, your yard is the next best thing.

Fertilize the Lawn

Put down a fertilizer even though you don’t expect to see much growth. Remember, it’s about protection. Consider using an organic fertilizer because you’ll get a slower release of nutrients from them. Other kinds of fertilizer consist of a chemical base of nitrogen that will dissipate with rain and snow.

Use the leaves to your advantage, too. Fallen leaves are not there to bother you. They actually provide nutrition to the lawn, and you can use them for composting after you collect them.

Remember the Trees

Homeowners tend to forget the trees in their yards need maintenance, too. Make sure to place a generous amount of mulch around your trees, specifically organic brands. The mulch creates a blanket for the trees during the winter and helps to moderate the soil’s temperature.

Some of these tasks might require a container to hold everything in, especially if you plan to replace some of the grass. Here at Vine Disposal, we have dumpster rentals in Snellville that can hold all your items as you prep your lawn for colder weather.

Tie the Trunks

Many trees in your yard grow multiple trunks, and in the winter, the snow and ice will cause them to spread apart. These trunks might start to lean, fold out, or bounce back. Collect some ties to keep them together.

Use a chain link in this situation because it’s sturdy and won’t easily snap due to the weather. The chain link won’t bind them too tight, but it will keep the trees in place. The bonding will prevent them from spreading out further during the winter.

We want to make sure your yard is prepped for colder weather and can withstand anything that might happen. For more tips, visit our website.