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5 Tips for Keeping Pets Out of the Trash

Pets are like kids. When you notice it’s too quiet in the house, that means they’ve gotten into some mess they shouldn’t have. Often, it’s the garbage. We can’t watch them 24–7, and sometimes they’ll start to rummage through that bin. Luckily, we have five tips to help keep pets out of the trash.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

If your pet can’t see it, they’ll be less tempted to get inside it. Part of the reason they can’t stay out of the trash is that it’s always in their line of sight. So, they figure it’s a free for all. You need to hide the evidence.

Your pet’s nose might still be able to sniff out the odors from the trash, but they won’t be able to spot it. Find a hiding place for the trash can, like under the sink. Of course, this means you need to be cautious about dumping the trash more often and sealing the smell so it doesn’t overpower the kitchen.

Distract and Extract

Pets love distractions, and the best part is they don’t know they’re being distracted. They just figure you’re obsessed with them as much as they are with you. When you see them start to inch toward that trash can, draw their attention to yourself.

Call their name and have a chew toy or a snack ready. Your pet is likely in that trash because they want to chew or find something yummy, and that means you need to have a healthy snack ready. Just be prepared for them to catch on. Pets are good at picking up on trends and patterns. If you’re not careful, they might outsmart you and make their way to the trash just for a treat or some extra attention.

Futuristic Trash Cans

When hiding the trash and distracting your pet doesn’t work, you need to make it impossible for your pet to enter the trash can. Open trash bins are a thing of the past. Trash bins with a foot pedal and a lock make it more difficult for pets to get inside.

You can even take it a step further and get a trash can that opens at the command of your voice or the push of a button. Motion-sensor trash cans might open if your pet walks by, so consider that before purchasing one.

Fresh Air Is the Best Air

Your pet likely has a lot of pent-up energy that they need to release, so let them outside to run around. When they’re poking through the trash, don’t always assume they’re hungry. It could also mean they’re bored. They need something to do, and going for a walk or playing in the yard is a great pastime. Get their minds on something other than the trash.

Change Their Feeding Schedule

If your pet is causing trouble in your trash, consider changing how you feed them. Changing up their feeding routine could be as simple as adding a few more snacks throughout the day. They’ll be less likely to look for discarded food.

The same rules apply to dumpster rentals. Here at Vine Disposal, our Snellville dumpsters are no place for pets. Keep them fed and distracted, and you shouldn’t have any problems.

Keeping your pets out of the trash is easy, especially when you rely on your wits and our tips. For more information on what we have to offer, check out the rest of our website.