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5 Home Improvement Tips for Empty Nesters

You gave your kids the tools they needed to spread their wings and fly, and now you’re noticing your home seems a little more vacant than usual. You never stop being their parent, but now that they’re adults, your kids don’t need you to provide certain things, like a roof over their head. This new adjustment does not need to be depressing. Here are five home improvement tips empty nesters can take advantage of.

Proceed With Caution

Don’t start too early on downsizing. Sometimes parents jump the gun when it comes to being empty nesters. Some consider moving to a one-bedroom apartment and never looking back. This is not bad a way of dealing with the adjustment, but you don’t need to take this step immediately.

Proceed with caution, and don’t go to the extreme. Take the downsizing process slowly. Start with removing some pieces of furniture here and there. For some parents, it’s a big adjustment to cook for a smaller crowd. Survey your home and see what changes you absolutely want to make.

Fix the Mistakes

Whatever areas of your home you held off on before, you can get to them now. Don’t start any renovations before getting foundation problems under control. There may not be many, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Consider doing a home inspection before planning any big changes. You might discover your home has some issues you didn’t know about. If you start making changes without resolving these issues first, the entire ordeal can get pricey.

Survey and Organize

Don’t throw away everything. Some things will no longer see use, so you can toss those items. Survey and organize everything. Make two piles, and consider placing some things in storage.

You never know if your kids will want some of their old belongings again; perhaps they decided to start a family. Have them come back to assist during this process. They can help you get organized and take some of the pressure off your shoulders.

Make It a Multipurpose Room

As for the (now spare) bedrooms, you can leave them as they are. If you want to create more room in your home, consider a multipurpose room. If you have any current or new hobbies you want to get involved in, dedicate the bedroom to your pastimes.

Say you’re about to start a new healthy lifestyle but don’t have time to go to the gym every week. Turn the bedroom into your workout sanctuary! Make sure you leave a section for relaxing. A cozy love seat or a small couch can make a great addition to the room.

Consider an Addition

You might want to make an addition beyond your kids’ rooms. If there is a wall between their bedroom and another room, you might want to tear it down to open the space. For home renovations like this, you’ll need a place to dispose of all debris and excess drywall.

The trash in your kitchen is not ideal. Here at Vine Disposal, we have 20-yard dumpster dimensions to cater to your needs. Before placing the dumpster outside your home, make sure you follow the proper street guidelines.

Becoming an empty nester means you’ve made room for new beginnings, including your home improvements. For more information, visit our website.