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5 Construction Materials You Should Be Recycling

As a construction contractor, your primary goal is for your team to complete each project on schedule and within the required budget. However, amid all the hammering and sawing, there’s a chance for you to do some good for the planet. Yes, we are talking about recycling your construction materials. Here are the top five construction materials you should be recycling.

Wood and Timber

Wood and timber are like that incredible coffee mug you got for Father’s Day—they’re reusable, recyclable, and ridiculously versatile. Someone can transform old wood into new furniture, chipboard, or even paper if given the opportunity. Your wooden scraps could live a new life as a fancy desk or a cool skateboard ramp. Regardless of how these materials are repurposed, it’s better than just letting them go to a landfill.


Glass is an incredible material—people can recycle it endlessly without losing its quality. That means your old glass can become new windows, bottles, or fiberglass insulation. So, think twice the next time you’re about to chuck a piece of glass. You could give it a new life instead of creating more toxic pollutants.


Concrete recycling is like giving your old jeans to your younger sibling—it’s practical and a great way to save money. You can use recycled concrete as aggregate in new concrete or as a base for roads and driveways. Plus, recycling this material saves energy and resources, which is always a win-win.


Drywall is another important construction material you should be recycling. You can turn used drywall into new drywall—mind-blowing, right? You can also use it for composting or as a soil amendment. Repurposed drywall is like turning your leftovers into a gourmet meal for your garden.


Finally, let’s talk about packaging. You should recycle all your cardboard boxes, plastic wraps, and foam peanuts. Before you throw them away, think about how useful they can be when used to pack something else. Reusing these materials is a small step that can make a big difference throughout a major project.

Recycling these construction materials is not just good for the environment; it’s also good for your business. It can save you money, reduce waste, and even make you look cool (because, let’s face it, recycling is cool).

The next time you start a new construction project, think about ways to prioritize recycling. For instance, you can rent a 20-yard construction dumpster in Atlanta from Vine Disposal. Our dumpster rentals are perfect for holding your recycled materials. Let’s build a greener future together, one recycled material at a time.