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4 Tips for Reducing Waste & Making Your Dumpster Last Longer

When it comes to waste management, space is crucial. Additional space is necessary for landfill sites, recycling centers, and especially dumpsters. These containers can fill up quickly. Whether you’re working on a construction site, cleaning out an estate, handling waste for a restaurant, or servicing a block party, it doesn’t matter. These bins fill up in a matter of hours. Check out these four tips for reducing waste and making your dumpster last longer.

Sort the Waste

It might be your first instinct to throw everything in the dumpster at once but fight it. Even if it’s all trash, that doesn’t mean it all goes to the same location. Sort every piece of waste before throwing it inside the dumpster. As you sort through the items, you might find that some of them need to be recycled.

You should also separate the larger pieces from the smaller ones. Bulkier pieces can be cardboard, plastic containers, and glass. Smaller pieces are food waste and paper. With sorting, you’ll create a more organized and efficient system for disposing of waste.

Break Down Bulk

Now that you know what the bulky pieces are, you can break them down. If it’s possible to dismantle the larger pieces, do it, especially if there is no other use for them. Throwing them in fully formed will take up too much space.

Flatten cardboard boxes before placing them in the bin. It creates more space and allows you to stack other bags and items on top of the flattened boxes. If you’re using the dumpster to clean out an estate, chop up and break down old furniture you don’t have use for.

Invest in a Compressor

While we’re on the breaking-down track, it wouldn’t hurt to invest in a compressor. There is only so much your hands can do. Compressors are much more efficient when it comes to creating space inside a dumpster.

A compressor will handle the smaller items and make them even smaller. It compresses bags and other items to reduce the amount of space they normally take up. You can purchase a trash compactor at local hardware stores or appliance stores.

Stack Strategically

Always remember to stack everything strategically. There is a science to placing trash inside dumpsters. When it comes to maximizing the space, how you stack the bags makes a significant difference. Stack the bags vertically rather than horizontally. And that goes for the bulkier items too.

Cardboard pieces can be horizontal because you’ll be stacking items on top of them anyway. Once you get to the bags, start by placing the first layer at the bottom of the dumpster evenly, and get them as flat as possible. Stack the next layer directly on top and fill in any gaps or open spaces. Keep this same process going.

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