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4 Tips for Decluttering Your Children’s Playroom

With every new toy your children collect, that playroom gets more congested. Playing with toys and gadgets is part of their childhood, and as their parent, you don’t want to take that away from them. But this does not mean the room needs to look like a tornado came through. Here are four tips for decluttering your children’s playroom.

Talk About Change

Before we get into the decluttering part, we need to take a step back. Sometimes, children don’t respond well to change. They will ask many questions, and there are times when they will be plain stubborn.

Marching into their playroom and removing some of their favorite toys is not the way to go. Talk to them first about making their space more fun and easier to play in. Meanwhile, you know the goal is to make the room more organized. Start asking them what toys they want to keep and which they don’t mind giving up. That way, it won’t feel like a total invasion.

More Storage Space

After you get the talk out of the way, start brainstorming new ways to create more storage space in the kids’ playroom. It might call for more than a few extra shelves and cubbies, or you might decide to renovate the room to make it more spacious.

Take a good look at the room’s current state and see where you can add more shelves or create a wider floor space. It doesn’t always stop at moving the furniture around. Go for the open floor concept or draw up plans for new drawers.

Assign Designated Corners

Prepare your children for the organization part. Try to get them into the habit of keeping their mess in a confined space. It might not stay like this forever, but designated corners make the room less congested.

For example, you can have a tea corner for when your daughter wants to have a tea party and play with her dolls. All the toys and items for that game will stay in that corner. You can do the same for your son and designate a corner for his Legos and blocks if he’s into stacking and building things.

Say Goodbye

At the end of the day, sometimes you need to say goodbye to some items. If you plan to completely renovate the playroom, you might need to get rid of some toys in the process.

Some you might donate for other kids, and some you’ll need to toss because they’re in poor condition. Depending on the size of the job, you might want to consider renting a dumpster for waste disposal. Here at Vine Disposal, we have 30-yard dumpsters that can handle the job.

Decluttering your child’s playroom may not be the easiest task, but hopefully, these four tips will make it feel less like a chore and more like an opportunity for growth.